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Have you ever wondered how a plumbing company can advertise service in an  hour or less? Or, how they are able to send their plumbers out for free estimates on every job because they will not give you an estimate over the phone? They can do this because they don't pay their plumbers for waiting or giving estimates. Instead, they pay them a commission for each job they do.

Now, we all know money motivates both a plumber who is paid hourly and one who is paid on commission. But take a look at the standards we use for wage increases in our company and compare that to how a commission plumber increases his wage
Hourly Plumbers

Commission Plumbers
Unlike commission plumbers, hourly plumbers do not earn any percentage of work or parts billed out, so they are never tempted to sell you anything you don't need. Instead, they are able to focus on what they do best, plumbing!

The way commission plumbers are able to maximize the cost of each job is by providing the customer with a flat rate. By doing this, they are able to hide extremely high charges from the unsuspecting customer. We charge an hourly rate so you can easily see the cost breakdown of our labor and materials.
Our rates are simple and some of the lowest in the industry.Our current rates are available just by giving us a call. We charge a one hour minimum, and after the first hour we charge by the quarter hour. * Commercial rates are available for those customers with recurring demand for plumbing services. Please call for pricing and requirements. Because we pay our plumbers for all their time, we do not provide free estimates. We believe this saves you time and money and allows you to make a decision without any pressure.


Master Plumbing,

     My wife and I can heartily agree with your statement "Quality, reliable service for all your plumbing needs." You should add that your servicemen are efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and don't leave a mess.
     We had one of your servicemen out again today and as usual he did a great job. We put our trust in the "Master."

Jim & Jan P.

     Thank you for sending such a "Great" plumber to fix us. I smile every time I turn the water on. Everything was left fixed and cleaned up.

Thank you,
Vickie & Lois

     Again--I thank you for such wonderful and prompt service at my dad's house (water heater and sink). Unbelievable !


     We would like to let you know that the two servicemen we had are very competent and considerate workers. Your manager gave us an instant feeling of relief as he was clearly knowledgeable about the problem and the remedy. At all times he kept us informed of the progress or any problems. Both were very hard workers and at all times did their very best to keep inconvenience to a minimum and always cleaned up.
     Please feel free to use us as a reference for your services. This was a very stressful time for us. After completing restoration etc. we plan to replace some plumbing fixtures with some additional upgrades and you will be our first choice for that work.

William & Sylvia B.

     Many of my friends have asked me for your business phone number which I gave them. Everyone thinks you did a good job and I thank you.

Fran R.
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