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Trust and cost are essential elements to consider when choosing the right plumber, but so is knowledge and skill level. For 22 years I worked for an established plumbing company in the Bay Area and quickly became a manager. Eventually I became general manager, and the last 10 years I ran the company while the owners settled out-of-state.

We employed close to 50 people and did every plumbing job imaginable, some hundreds of times and some thousands of times. We used helicopters to install water heaters on top of buildings, installed fire hydrants for cities, and cut through streets in downtown areas to replace major water and sewer lines. When time allowed, I was also an expert witness for the state of California for trial cases involving plumbing issues.

In 2003 the owners moved back to California and wanted to make changes that I didn't agree with, so I began my own company, Master Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. We currently employ 24 people and are growing every year. The three managers I employ all worked with me in my previous company. Their combined plumbing experience alone totals over 65 years.

Many of my experienced plumbers have come to me because  they don't want to work for commission shops where they are always pressured to sell the job to the customer. These are just the kind of men I want. My previous company has since been sold and gone the way of most plumbing companies by paying their plumbers on commission, something I will never do.

Bart Adams
Owner and General Manager
Serving the California, Bay Area
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